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KeyMetric AdTrax360™
Global Call Tracking & Engagement Analytics

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Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Call Tracking
Easily track the advertising source, referring domain, keyword, device type, location, network & service provider for every mobile phone call. Touch-2-Call lets you track phone calls from mobile phones & devices without tracking numbers or per-minute fees.
PPC Keyword & Search Term Call Tracking
Instantly know which pay per click (PPC) keywords (and match type), ads, content & search queries are driving phone calls to your business. Seamless integration with Google AdWords, Bing Ads & more provide a complete picture of your call conversion ROI.
Intelligent Number Insertion (INI)
Serve a unique phone number to each visitor on your website to capture the unique referring source, domain and/ or advertising campaign for every phone call and customer engagement. Session-Based INI provides higher accuracy with less phone numbers.

Ad Campaign & Ad Source Call Tracking
Track phone calls & customer engagements from unique advertising campaigns (e.g., billboards, radio spots, postcards, etc.) & advertising sources (e.g., Facebook, Instagram) to gain an accurate picture of your overall marketing effectiveness & ROI.
KeyMetric Call Tracking & Analytics
Online Engagement & Event Tracking
Go beyond just tracking inbound phone calls & track all online/ website customer engagements & interactions including emails, form submissions, content downloads, live chat sessions, video views, app installs, ad clicks, link clicks & more.


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